4 Awesome Tips To Build Successful Ecommerce Websites

For sure, the ecommerce industry is expected to extend its upward trajectory and voluminous growth in the years to come. As an entrepreneur, this is a golden opportunity for long term growth, success, and is intriguing. The ecommerce industry across the globe is minting billions of dollars and gives equal opportunities for all to become business owners overnight. Technology advancement, artificial intelligence, improved logistics and support for last mile delivery help the ecommerce business to spread its wings even further. If you have decided to build a successful ecommerce business website, here are the top 4 compelling factors that you should definitely have it as part of the design.

Mobile Friendly Ecommerce Websites:

Top ecommerce websites report an overall 60 to 70% of sales through mobile and other smart devices. Building mobile friendly ecommerce websites is not a choice but a must. Mobile first strategy will definitely help you to garner a quick set of audience who will frequently visit the site.

Following things are a must to be considered as part of mobile first strategy:

  • Mobile navigation is simple and clean
  • Clear links are placed with call to action
  • Buttons should have enough space to touch and take action
Easy Check Out Options:

Having the compelling check out button helps in better conversion rates and if it is not properly planned or designed well, you are sure to lose a chunk of your customers. Some of the killer points to be considered are:

  • Having a big and clear check out button
  • Not including additional or hidden costs after clicking check out button
  • Ensuring quick loading of check out pages
  • Editing the cart is an easier task
  • Showing shipping charges and timeline clearly
  • Displaying security logo

Do not insist on laborious registration process to complete the check out. It is better to offer simpler options to check out using guest details and otherwise, you face a big risk of losing a potential customer. The customers might get distracted because of interrupted process.

You can allow the following check out options:

  • Allow members to login using their social media applications
  • Allow members to fill In their contact address, phone number and email address
Intuitive Shopping Experience – Better UI/UX Designs:

The goal of building pages is to make it easier for your customers to shop and check out. Intuitive pages should be built with better labeling sense that explains the product in a high level.

  • Ensure to have place the most important pages link in main navigation
  • Easily distinguishable categories and attributes
  • Better responsible pages that can load seamlessly across different smart devices