Cloud Consultancy:

KenHike is constantly helping the clients to reap the benefits of cloud technologies. Vetted experts and architects help our customers to lead to the path of cloud technology and in taking care of migrating business applications to cloud services. We develop new services and build native cloud applications to help you take the business to next level.

We always look for innovative and simpler ways to implement solutions so as to maximize the returns on your investment. Open Source platforms help us a great way to reduce the cost of new development and we give back to the community consistently.

KenHike's Expert Areas:

Cloud Build Strategy

Build Strategy:

We work with small and big enterprises to build strategies by helping them understand the best use of cloud technologies and how they could improve the digital engagement with clients. We take care of architectural, technical and design issues for your cloud needs.

Cloud Overall Assessment

Overall Assessment:

We help organizations to evaluate their existing IT applications and performance with a view to make them ready to drive better results. As a result of our assessment, we recommend solutions to ensure the technology and processes are in place to drive the cloud transition. Right from security to key process assessment, network connects to governance issues, we take great care to ensure all goes well.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration:

By employing the best of breed technology process, we help clients to migrate their existing applications to cloud services. We work with customers to show them a proof of concept and help them to migrate in a fully managed fashion.

What do we take care of?

Assessment and Strategies to Yield Better Returns:

We do a full scale assessment on the entire IT architecture to gauge the KPIs and to understand the business case justification. We arrive at a detailed financial and technical data report to help you understand the cost benefit analysis in moving to AWS architecture.

Cloud Adoption Techniques:

We help you to visualize the detailed steps involved in the migration to cloud services. Our consultants ensure the clients understand the process well while taking every decision. Rich experience in handling a plethora of migration services, we ensure to have a holistic approach and roadmap to make better business models.

Cloud Architecture:

Our architects help in framing the best architecture after analyzing your exact business requirements. We ensure the architectural design has the ability to scale up based on future demands, cost efficient in migrating, to reap the benefits of elasticity and integrity of your data.

Build Dev Ops Strategy:

Our team helps in promoting and executing agile development methodologies as we understand DevOps is a key enabler to unleash the innovation capabilities of your organization. DevOps help by automating the process of deployment of new software tools, security patch updates, and monitor cloud infrastructure continuously. Our experts help in building great IT platform to integrate continuously with modern tool chains running on AWS. We help you to go to market quickly than expected with swift solution services.

Manage Accounts:

We design and implement efficient cloud account management platforms to address both intra cloud providers (Within AWS) or inter cloud providers (AWS, Azure) by addressing cross account charge backs, reserved instances etc.

We educate our customers in managing multiple accounts, learning to separate workloads and applications to different WS account, while helping them to get tiered discounts through consolidated billing.

Strategy on Cloud Operations:

We help in building strategies on how to make the best use of your cloud infrastructure to handle peak volumes of size. Our experts are continuously monitoring the performances of your cloud operations and will consistently provide guidance and suggestions to improve the performance even further.

We Help You to Migrate:

Our AWS certified experts are ready to move your applications to cloud in a simpler and painless way. We avoid wasteful efforts through proper planning. Our team will first assess the existing applications and your organizational needs. We build better strategies to seamless migrate post which we manage the data and applications in a way to scale up for future demands.

  • AWS


    Yes, you heard it right. KenHike’s team of AWS experts take pride in building the designs for migration factories.

  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

    The platform you chose to build your enterprise and to host its data plays a vital role to deliver the best of Big Data Solutions usability and scalability.