KenHike's Expert Areas:

Yes, you heard it right. KenHike’s team of AWS experts take pride in building the designs for migration factories. We assess your readiness for cloud migration, help internet platform to become Iaas for all your IT demands. Our expert moves will help you to increase business agility and ensure you have the visibility to wide usage patterns along with threats existing.

KenHike’s Offerings:

Security Management:

We offer a wide range of security strategies and tools to protect data to enterprises of different sizes. Our implementation of highly secured access, establishing AWS Identity and Access Management Controls (IAM), managing firewalls, Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), private subnets through Virtual Private Cloud, encrypting and patching data have been going really well with all our customers. We also offer higher end services of intrusion detection, log management and vulnerability scanning based on customer requirements.

AWS - Security Management
AWS - Compliance on Workloads

Compliance on Workloads:

KenHike’s Managed Cloud is bit more than AWS managed services – It runs workload that demands a higher level of compliance standards. Workloads that require SOC2, HIPAA, FEDRAMP, or PCI are highly complaint and secured in public cloud.

Assessment and Build Road Map:

We assess and build road map strategies to guide you well during the cloud migration and management process. Our assessment rightly identifies the pain areas by understanding your needs for security, data integrity, process management, infrastructure bottle necks, application rationalization and financial data.

AWS - Assessment and Build Road Map
AWS - Design Architecture for Cloud Factories

Design Architecture for Cloud Factories:

Industry standard and best of design process are implemented to ensure data and process integrity. We ensure availability of resources is not a problem irrespective of peak workloads still ensuring maximum returns on your investment. We let you run and scale up business without worrying about cost escalations for the cloud management.

Migration of Cloud Services:

We design, automate and monitor the process of AWS migration enabling you to accurately migrate workloads to the cloud.

AWS - Migration of Cloud Services
AWS - Manage Service Catalogues

Manage Service Catalogues:

It delivers process to maintain, procure, spend management in a public cloud service catalogue.

We Support any Workload Type:

We help you in shifting any type of workload to public cloud ranging from voice to big data, test & dev to e-commerce etc. Please get in touch with us if you still have queries or interested to share your business ideas with us. Let’s get started!!

AWS - Support any Workload Type