Let Google Cloud Platform Work for Your Enterprise:

The platform you chose to build your enterprise and to host its data plays a vital role to deliver the best of Big Data Solutions usability and scalability. Google Cloud Platform makes large scale computing, hosting big data, application development, delivering analytics solutions simpler and cost productive. Customers can sit back and relax without worrying about cost escalations and complexity in building the infrastructure required.

Google Cloud Platform is a neat and an efficient way to take your business to next level and it automatically takes care of building bigger and better infrastructure to run your business. It provider more network bandwidth and homogenous stack required for your adhoc needs. Google platform simply delivers the best in terms of computational performance and has faster spin up and down times.

Google Cloud Platform is a word synonymous with reliability, usability and technical prowess. Advanced technologies, data capabilities make it as the best choice for all enterprises looking for cloud services. KenHike has built several applications and has helped clients to securely move to Google Cloud Platform.

KenHike’s Offering on Google Cloud Platform:

KenHike's expert offer analysis and solution for data ingestion & transformation, computations, visualizations, analysis, data pipelining. Rich experience in big data solutions and vetted experts help our clients to better adjust to Google Cloud Platform and help in getting maximized ROI.

What we do?

Analyze huge volume of data – both in batch or real time mode

Access and deliver high performance out of your cloud infrastructure

Mitigate risk and reduce cost burdens

Decrease time to market and increase ROI

Build accurate products and services tailored to business requirements

Google Cloud - What we do
Google Cloud - Services

Services on Google Cloud Platform:

We make the best use of Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL , Container Engine to build products and offer services to our clients.

Our Expertise Areas:

BigQuery Consultation:

Building better business intelligence using BigQuery is a smart move to take advantage of Google’s fast, economic and fully managed data warehouses. It helps us in generating big data analytics to enterprises irrespective of their sizes.

BigQuery helps you to uncover the unexpected data and gain insights to capitalize on potential opportunities. It supports injection of data source and format of any type ranging from word, PDF, mobile or social platforms, accounting to administrative systems, POS to location based systems etc. We help you to uncover the true potential from wealth of data available.

Google Cloud - BigQuery Consultation
Google Cloud - Build your Data Warehouse

Build your Data Warehouse:

BigQuery analyzes billions of rows and columns to find data patterns from multiple sources at incredible and lightening speed. Enterprises can take advantage of KenHike’s expertise to benefit using BigQuery for their day to day operations.

Our experts understand your needs and business use case to write powerful queries to get the right answers. We take care of pre-processing, cleaning up of data and arrive at useful patterns to gain insight.

KenHike’s Consulting on BigQuery:

We help you to unlock the potential benefits of using Open Source Platforms which can transform your digital engagement. A platform like Google comes with compounded product benefits offering unparallel network bandwidth and storage space. Having provided with solutions to industry leading enterprises, we know the knack of getting IT things done on cloud platform.

Google Cloud - KenHike’s Consulting on BigQuery
Why Google Cloud Platform

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Lets you analyze huge volume of data and lightening speed

Arrives at useful pattern to understand true potential and opportunities for better lead to conversion ratio

Enabling linking of CRM DB to Google Analytics platform to have better campaign targets

Presence of unlimited Google APIs that can improve performances on load, transform and visualize data.