Drupal Maintenance & Support 101

Your website facilitates the online presence and such a front face need frequent maintenance and support activities. Most of the business owners find it very difficult to have a reliable Drupal technology partner to offer customized support activities. We strongly believe in client retaining principles and in having long lasting relationships.

Should you need a perfect Drupal partner to offer Maintenance and Support activities? We have shared the fundamental facts to help you decide.

Our vast industry experience helps to offer the best of customized packages knowing the current industry trends. Our ultimate objective is to offer the best support and protection to your website enabling better performances.

Drupal Maintenance & Support 101 - KenHike

Overview about Drupal Maintenance:

Several websites face a slew of online attacks and most of them remain vulnerable for such malicious attacks. If the business owners do not act quick enough to avoid such attacks, it might result in stealing away important business information resulting in huge loses or revealing of identities. Instead of asking if it is better to have maintenance package, it is better to question the time of requiring such support activities.

Drupal Maintenance Activities Frequency - KenHike


Our recommendation is to have the support contract irrespective of the website and the support activities might differ according to the type of sites. A simple website displaying basic information needs support or enhancement once in a year. However, an ecommerce store needs frequent security updates, design updates to stay on par with competitors.

The below table explains about our customized support activities:

How to decide whether you need Drupal Maintenance?

You might not know you are in dire need of maintenance activity until your site goes down on a fine day. To help you arrive at a decision, lets throw some light on different issues that might require immediate attention:


  • Admin or configuration panel displays security updates are available and insist in instant updates
  • If you are running the website on older Drupal versions
  • Status Reports suggest of running few updates available instantly

  • vSlower site speed
  • Observing few performance issues
  • Increased error related activities in Google Webmaster
  • You do not know the last time you have updated your website


It is highly recommended to get in touch with Drupal experts and ask for expert opinion. The level of maintenance and support activity really depends on the type of custom modules you have in the website. If you face any such difficulties described below, you should think of hiring Drupal experts:

Drupal Maintenance Company - KenHike
  • Migrating to newer drupal versions
  • Running on different servers
  • Websites have several custom modules
  • Websites need immediate security updates
  • Need to integrate new APIs, modules, third party applications
  • You do not have the internal IT team to cater to your technology needs
  • No idea on maintaining Drupal websites
Drupal Support - KenHike


We recommend having at least 10 hours per month of maintenance and supporting activity to your Drupal website to have better ROI. We ensure the basic module updates, taking care of minimal changes, running basic security updates are covered in this package. If you are looking for medium to high level support and maintenance activities, please get in touch through this inquiry form and our experts will get in touch with soon.

  • How can you choose a trusted Drupal partner to support your business?
  • There are umpteen Drupal companies claiming to be the best in their business. However, you can ask the below questions to find out who can be your trusted partner.
  • How many clients do they have as part of support/maintenance projects?
  • What is the client retention rate?
  • How long have you been in this business?
  • What is the average response time to business calls?
  • How do they offer support activities on week ends?