It is time to switch your websites to deliver high performances. Some sites have to be re-built from the scratch and some just have to be migrated to a different technology platform to unleash the potential. Our Migration Consultants are the best in breed process knowing the simplest of ways to migrate considering risk mitigation techniques. The best to migrate to Drupal is “Now”. KenHike core Consultants have profound experience in Migration and help in seamlessly completing this task.

It does not matter if your current websites run on Sitecore, Liferay, WordPress or any other CMS platforms. If you are ready to migrate, our experts will handle the rest. You should be a proud owner to migrate to a platform whose abilities and capabilities are already tested and proven by White House, leading US Weekly Magazine and the Weather Channel.

Drupal Migration - KenHike
Sitecore Portal To Drupal Website - KenHike


New URLs and SEO metrics are carefully analyzed and recorded
Discuss about the data back up from your old servers to our new servers
Analyze techniques to ensure the downtime is as minimum as possible
Securing data while data transfer
Ensure content, plug in, independent modules are seamless integrated and work well post migration
The best of UI/UX are preserved well and improvements are made further to enhance customer experience


Our Drupal Migration Consultants will assist in migrating your complex enterprise site to simpler, friendlier and progressive Drupal website. The process includes:

Convert User Data and Portal: We know how important your employees and business data are. We take utmost care in converting their usernames, email accounts, password generation methods, important communication to different groups.
Moving Data to Drupal CMS: We carefully move data in bulk from Liferay to Drupal CMS without disruption your user groups daily activities. Minimum down time is assured so as to minimize disruption.
Round the clock support during migration window
Core concepts of preserving data security, seamless integration of APIs, modules are still followed as per industry standards.

Liferay To Drupal - KenHike
Wordpress To Drupal - KenHike


WordPress – Once the king of CMS is losing its sheen to Drupal CMS. Do not let your fear of migrating to a new platform undermine the capability and performance of your site. Leading experts in KenHike have helped so many clients in the past spanning across industries to seamlessly migrate from WordPress to Drupal.

Our industry defined process and steps ensure in smooth migration taking care of data, modules, widgets.
Carefully crafted process helps in better data handling, security administration and in having minimum downtime connection.
The new Drupal themes will have closer resemblance to older themes with improved site metrics thus not confusing your user groups. Of course, our developers will always provide consistent improvement suggestions on UI/UX parameters.


We have immense experience in migrating non CMS sites to Drupal ranging from big to small corporations, schools to colleges etc. We strive hard to ensure:

Let our experienced developers analyze existing framework and design functionality enabling smooth migration procedure
Employing best of industry practices, tools to handle existing user groups and content
Implementing best of lessons learnt in previous migration for other clients
Migrating data in background, off from your server to limit the impacts on daily operations
Help your business grow by having improved content, design, theme on Drupal CMS

Non CMS Sites To Drupal - KenHike