What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is an analytics engine that is distributed and does RESTful search having enormous capabilities to solve growing number of problems across the web. It centrally stores the data and helps you to uncover the unexpected data and behavior models.


Be Curious and Keep Asking

The users are no more constrained to ask only one type of query. Elasticsearch helps you to combine any type of searches – Let it be structured, unstructed, metric, geo and simply the way you want!! You will be amazed with the results it takes you through..

Elasticsearch - Query
Elasticsearch - Analyze


Step Back and Visualize the Bigger Picture

Your query might result in bringing 10 different documents matching your query. How to make sense by going through the billion log lines is a billion dollar question!! Elasticsearch aggregations simply let you to uncover the trends and patterns in the data observed.


Speed Thrills and So is Elasticsearch…

Elasticsearch lets you get habitual with instant results and helps you build better relationships with your data. We let you to iterate and uncover more from your patterns. Building such faster systems is not an easy job. We have taken great care in building inverted indices with finite state transducers to help in full text queries, highly capable BKD trees to store geo and numeric data, dedicated columns for analytics.

Elasticsearch - Speed
Elasticsearch - Scalability


Its Your Wish to Run on a Laptop or Across Servers with Petabytes of Data

Users obviously cannot see the difference on Elasticsearch that runs on a single node or on a 300 node cluster. Right from prototype to production, it helps you go seamlessly. It automatically manages the indexing, querying parts that are distributed across several cluster while horizontally scales up to handle kajillions of events per second.

Operations Happiness:

Let Simple Things Be Simple

We ensure your Elasticsearch is simpler than most of simple operations and let you handle operations at any scale without worrying about performance.

Resilient and Highly Available Systems:

Elasticsearch easily detects network and hardware failure and keep the data safe and secured.

Predictable and Reliable:

Keep calm and experience the power of Elasticsearch. Infact, you should be surprised to see how well it performs

Simple and Transparent:

Intuitive APIs are available to monitor the performance and gives you complete visibility on its operations

Elasticsearch - Operations Happiness
Elasticsearch - Client Libraries

Client Libraries:

Choose the Programming Language You Wish To

We build clients based on the programming language of your choice ranging from Java, .NET, Groovy, Python. We help you to achieve what you want in your desired ways.

Enterprise Ready:

Most Secured and Monitored

Do you want a username & password for any of your clusters? Simple Security installation makes your job done. Do you want to know how Elasticsearch is performing? Monitoring installation makes it done. It can be shipped with X-Pack. This enables you to experience and discover graph exploration, monitoring activities, alerting options with different security features.

Elasticsearch - Enterprise Ready
Elasticsearch - Hadoop and Spark

Hadoop and Spark:

As the Name Says

Do you have massive data in Hadoop? Elasticsearch helps you to create wonderful results by studying the massive data with the help of its connectors. You will become rich in terms of data with a wealth of patterns and observations.