OpenSearchServer – High Level Overview:

OpenSearchServer is an application server that allows you to develop applications to work as search engines purely on the open source platform. It has rich full text lexical analyzers that can seamlessly work across platforms and devices. This is currently supported by a wide range of communities and there are more takers across the globe due to its high performance delivery.

KenHike's Offering:

  • Comes with integrated crawlers for databases
  • Rich set of documentations, libraries and contents from any JDBC database
  • Enriched GUI that helps in easy development of applications
  • Enables building applications through its web based interfaces built in snippets, Zkoss, faceting.
  • Full text analyzers along with filters enabling search and indexing in 16 different languages
  • Employs most efficient algorithms to produce quick and meaningful responses

  • HTML renderer allows easy integration of search box in any HTML/XHTML pages that can work with .NET, PHP, client library, XML etc
  • Have parsers to parse content and metatdata from any document formats such as MS Office, Open Office, HTML/XHTML, PDF, rtf, mp3/4 etc
  • Multi level catches available to speed up the process
  • Administration and Monitoring works are made easier with the availability of alerting services, index replicator, user management tools etc
  • Have advanced features such as faceted search, filters, clusters, snippets, stop words, categorization, highlighting, synonyms, thumbnail screenshot inclusion, using relevance patterns etc

Why Should You Choose KenHike?

We at KenHike have trusted and proven track record of building and deploying OpenSearchServers that are customized as per client requirements. The optimal usage of open source solutions helps our clients to trim down the cost of investment and yields better ROI. We have built search applications that work with simple to complex databases and bring the expected results neatly.

If you have a requirement to build such applications, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are interested to study in detail about your requirements.