Solr Consulting

Solr Search server is one of the most reputed and efficient search server available to big enterprises and business houses catering to the wide variety of search needs. Information search and understanding customer behavioral characteristics is made simpler by using Solr search. Reliable search solutions are guaranteed and you can obtain the most relevant information with high degree of accuracy.

KenHike’s Offering:


We at KenHike, help our esteemed clients seeking for faster and reliable enterprise solutions by offering apache Solr consulting, architecture design, integration, and implementation services. Industry vetted experts offer consultation and solutions spanning across industries.

SOLR Consulting - Overview
SOLR Enterprise Search Solutions

SOLR Enterprise Search Solutions:

SOLR is currently one of the most powerful search technologies available and helps in indexing data from any sort of document, real time index and more. It enables better security management with its secured authentication and authorization features. Results clustering, natural language processing, metadata strategies, linguistic support are some of the key features of this search solution.

SOLR Ecommerce Search Solutions:

Ecommerce owners have got a golden opportunity to better understand the customer behavioral characteristics and start addressing the demands on real time basis. Time is money and it is equally important to take corrective actions instantly. SOLR is being increasingly deployed for eCommerce solutions to track and identify improvement areas. Generating reports, offering customized search solutions, indexing seller and buyer data, performance and integration services, detailed analysis reports based on dynamic inputs are some of its key features.

SOLR Ecommerce Search Solutions
SOLR Merchandising Solutions

SOLR Merchandising Solutions

KenHike experts help clients to build powerful solutions to easily implement their merchandising strategies. Our clients can easily implement complex rules that can improve search results based on demography, guided navigation, change in rule & banner management, context based definitions etc.

SOLR Relevancy Tuning Service and Solutions:

All powerful ranking mechanisms can be altered based on custom needs. This helps in getting better and relevant search results and detailed reports can be created to gauge the performance of fine tuning. The auto adjustments enable to handle the word phrases in easy and flexible ways ultimately giving high relevant information to users.

SOLR Relevancy Tuning Service and Solutions
SOLR Consulting Services

SOLR Consulting Services

In case if you are looking out expert consulting services for new implementation or on the lookout to seek expert opinion to improve performances on existing SOLR search products, KenHike’s industry best experts can be of great assistance. Our experts have worked across industries and enterprises to implement SOLR based products and services and employ the best of breed process to improve the returns on investments. We offer services helping you to scale up your existing and future search needs.

SOLR Maintenance and Support Services

Live implementations always need a proper maintenance and monitoring in the production environment. It is highly important to find and address problems faced by your customers on time to retain them. KenHike offers customized maintenance and support services based on your business requirements. This helps our clients to continue business with confidence using our SOLR services and 24/7 support systems.

SOLR Maintenance and Support Services

Why Should You Hire KenHike?

  • We ensure that our SOLR applications and services deliver highly relevant and better results
  • Security monitoring and management is better handled involving multiple levels of authentication
  • Improves the customer acquisition and retention rate
  • Inbuilt processing tools enable easier categorization of data, filtering and cleaning based on relevance and content, entity extraction enables higher relevancy of results is ensured.