If you are looking to build dynamic web applications to reach out to your targeted customers by using cutting edge technologies, then Angular JS is the best platform to deliver high performance solutions. We have a pool of experts in Angular JS development and the choice is yours to hire them on hourly/weekly/monthly or even project basis. If you are interested to know how Angular JS will help you to deliver the best for your investment, here we try to explain and give outline details for you to decide

What is AngularJS?

HTML design output could be better but still not the best. Add a slight pinch of Angular JS flavor to the HTML script and here you see an amazing design ready for your target audience.
What is AngularJS
Why should you choose Angular JS

Why should you choose Angular JS?

Vetted industry experts would agree that Angular JS is currently the most sought after framework to build dynamic applications akin to Real Time Applications, Gmail, Google Analytics & more. Angular JS is robust and developer friendly. There are already over 500 thousand websites built on Angular JS.

Our Development Services:

KenHike’s ingenious experts help in delivering AngularJS based web solutions that are reliable for all kinds of business needs. We build websites with rich user interfaces and single responsible page that seamless work across platforms. Here are the high level details on our services offered:

  • AngularJS development along with different server side technologies such as JSP/JAVA, PHP, ASP .NET, Ruby on Railes etc
  • Web Application Development
  • Interactive & Custom App Development
  • AJAX Development
  • Content Management Tools and Plug In Development
  • Ecommerce, Shopping Cart Development
    Angular JS - Development Services
    Angular 2 Improvements

    Angular 2 Improvements:

    Angular 2 improvements have fixed the bugs in previous version and is lot easier and elegant now. Our team of Angular 2 experts can help you to improve performance, scale up applications, and let you to experience the powerful templates in the web browsers.

    • Angular 2 makes the mobile applications easier to handle things and improve the load time, performance
    • Angular 2 is now better and result oriented
    • Angular 2 makes the life of hacks difficult by improving its security related performances
    • Feel free to contact us and let us understand your exact requirement to come up with the best of quotes.