Overview about LAMP:

A combination of several free open source platforms have resulted in LAMP stack which allows building high performance delivering web applications irrespective of web browser limitations. LAMP stack includes

  • Linux – Open Source Operating System
  • Apache – Web server that is compatible with any OS such as Linux, Windows, Unix, MAC OS
  • MySQL – Open Source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • PHP – Open Source Language to create advanced web based applications

KenHike is an industry leading solutions provider in delivering expert services for LAMP programming as per customer requirements. We have been consistently delivering projects that are designed to take the customer’s digital engagement to newer levels. We help our clients to leverage the open source platforms and applications thereby reducing the cost of development.

KenHike's Offering:

  • CMS Development
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Community Portals
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Large Scale Enterprise Applications Development
  • Social Networking Websites
  • Custom PHP/LAMP based Solutions

  • Affiliate/Advertising Platform Development
  • Online Booking & Reservation Engines
  • Server Side Application Development
  • Building APIs, Migration of Platforms
  • CRM Applications
  • Testing and QA Services
  • LAMP – Maintenance and Support Services

Why Should You Choose KenHike?

  • Our expert consultants help to build solutions as per current industry standards and requirements
  • Cost effective solutions delivered within stipulated and agreed time levels
  • We have a rich talent pool of LAMP experts who enable smooth development & deployment of applications
  • We employ Agile methodology and engage with clients consistently to take feedbacks and deliver the expected.
LAMP - Why Should You Choose KenHike
LAMP - Advantage of using KenHike’s expertise

Advantage of using KenHike’s expertise:

  • Clients can hire our experts for daily/weekly/monthly requirements.
  • We promise 100% IP and data protection
  • Developers and Consultant employing industry standard best practices
  • 24*7 Technical Assistance and Maintenance Services
  • 100% flexible and transparent process in the entire software life cycle