Overview About Full Stack Development

MEAN is a collective representative of Java Script based technologies such as Angular JS, Express.JS, MongoDB, and Node.JS. The super efficient and light weight MEAN stack enables to unleash powerful, robust, scalable web applications using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. MEAN helps the web developers to stick to structured developing sticking to deliverable goals. It has a strong and vibrant community which helps the technology to grow by leaps and bounds.

KenHike's Offering:

We help your business to accomplish digital goals and scale up new opportunities by building high performance, light weight applications, web development including social portals, gaming portals, ecommerce websites and even video streaming portals.

MEAN - MongoDB Development

MongoDB Development:

Our MongoDB experts have worked in plethora of projects spanning across industry verticals. We employ the best of breed process to build applications using the dynamic schema which can index your data at lightning speed along with auto sharding. We build products faster by reducing the traditional overheads of using RDBMS.

MEAN - Express.js Development

Express.js Development:

Express.js enables to build flexible and powerful web applications framework. This is an important stack in terms of MEAN web development and comprises a wide range of features to build mobile and web apps.

MEAN - AngularJS Development

AngularJS Development:

Our experts have used AngularJS to build intuitive front end designs employing MVC architecture. It also gives us the pleasure to easily connect with server side applications using simpler and meaningful UI designs with Java.

MEAN - Node.js Development

Node.js Development:

Employing push technology is one of its strength and the reason why it shines in the world of building real time web applications. Our expert developers are capable to build light weight, scalable and high performance delivering applications that can seamless integrate with social media.

Count as as your trusted partner to develop applications using other JavaScript Frameworks

The rich eco system of having modern libraries and tools change the way of building newer web applications using Javascript. We continuously contribute to the community and help the internet world to build smarter and efficient applications.

  • Front End

    Front End:

    Our vetted industry experts will take great care in studying your requirements and will advice on the selection of best of front end frameworks to build dynamic and stable front end designs that will simply be superb.

  • Front End


    Our knowledgeable experts have constantly put in their efforts to study all the minute details of full stack frameworks and help customers to build custom features.